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Long Beach Farms is an urban farm with a mission of creating a more secure, local, sustainable food model. We aim to increase access to affordable, healthy food.  Long Beach Farms' physical farming operation is comprised of small, dedicated farm sites in the north end of the City. By combining the produce we grow on our smaller, urban farm sites with our larger, cooperative farm locations outside the city, LBF is seeking to strengthen the quality and infrastructure of our local food economy. Long Beach Farms harvests our fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness and nutritional level, and offers our customers access to the highest quality free-range eggs, local honey, and other artisan products.


Long Beach Farms urban agriculture small lot raised beds aquaponics organic sustainable

Demitrius Zeigler is a Long Beach resident and  a local food advocate committed to bringing the finest locally grown food into our community. In addition to his experience farming locally on small plots, he previously founded and operated Circle of Friends Farm, a five-acre farm near Portland, OR. Farmer D has a professional background in urban planning, design and education from Cornell University and the University of Southern California. A proud father, he spends his free time learning new dance moves from his rambunctious young daughter. 

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